Bo-Sun Kim



My name is Bosun Kim and I came to New Zealand 16 years ago from Korea. I majored in Dance and Physical Education in university and taught various groups of people from ranges of backgrounds and ages as a dance tutor, physical trainer, and choreographer in TV programs for more than 15 years.


When I was suffering from homesickness and stresses as a new immigrant after I came to New Zealand, I was introduced to yoga, and it has been my leading light that has constantly reminded me of happiness in life since then.


While I was studying yoga on my own, I applied my knowledge of physical education to share the joy of yoga for people around me for 7 years. Then I became eager for in-depth aspects of yoga and finished diploma in yoga course.


* Bachelor’s degree in Dance

* Master’s degree in Physical Education

* Diploma in Yoga

* Qualified fitness instructor and dance director

* 7 years of experience in teaching yoga