Komal Swamy


Hi, my name is Komal Swamy and I am a private chef. My journey as a chef started at the age of 18 in Auckland, New Zealand. I attended Auckland Hotel and Chef training school because I wanted a career which didn't feel like work. For me, when I'm in the kitchen I am in my happy place: it's the one place where I feel a sense of purpose. Here I thrived and knew this was the path I was meant to follow. Being born in Fiji and coming from the Pacific Islands, I understand the importance and nutritional value of fresh and organic produce. This is what further stemmed my interest in food. I make food with the mindset of how I ate whilst growing up. Using only finest and the freshest handpicked, organic, free range ingredients to make simple, tasty and most importantly healthy meals. When I cook for others, and I can see and appreciate them enjoying food I have cooked, it brings me warmth. Cooking good, honest food from the heart is what I pride myself on.

My interests:

• Love travelling, visited 20 countries and counting

• cooking and trying different cuisines

• Love a good laugh

• Always smiling


Komal Swamy

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