Chris Minturn


Having always had a passion for photography, I had dabbled with SLR camera photography and its development in black and white. 

In 1998, I landed a position with the Photowarehouse and decided to take refresher course in dark room processing through Avondale College.  After a short while the tutor was unable to continue, so I volunteered to take the class.  Over the pursuing years I noticed a need for people to learn camera handling skills, made more apparent with the changes from film to digital.  I collated information and coupled this with my own knowledge and experiences to develop a course that could be delivered in a open, friendly, community based environment. 

I find teaching rewarding and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, often making friends along the way.  Each class brings different challenges and in return enables me to learn from them, as well.

During the course we have a period of show and tell with each person talking about their photographs.  This has brought about interesting group conversation on the photo subject matter, like a trail of dog biscuits leading to a large Beau Mastif from the floor perspective. Simple but visually interesting photograph, capturing the immense size of the dog and mastering depth of field.