Jan Gow


I have been ‘Hooked on Genealogy' since 1981 when I won an airfare to the States. On a friend's suggestion, I spent my first 5 days in Salt Lake City!! Still a ‘crawling' genealogist, I certainly graduated to a ‘walking' genealogist at a fast trot!!  All these years later, I am still a walking, running, galloping, marathoning, travelling, surfing, gliding, cruising, eat'n ‘n sleep'n, genealogist! 

So, I really started my family history research in Salt Lake City. Completely unprepared. I even mixed names on one of the few couples I knew - researched Catherine Peterson and James Henry, instead of Catherine Henry and James Peterson. Didn't matter! I was HOOKED!!

 Owner of Beehive Books (since 1987), the one-stop-shop for genealogists and Hooked on Genealogy Tours (since 1992) – each year preparing and escorting genealogists to Salt Lake City for three weeks and on to the UK for a further three weeks. Awarded the AFFHO Award for Meritorious Service to Family History in 2006. On the organising committee for the AFFHO Congress in Auckland in 2009, and the NZ Family History Fair in 2010. In fact, can claim to be the one who made the first phone call that resulted in the FHF committee being formed.                

Ten years writing a monthly genealogy column for NZ's NetGuide magazine, with a feature article most years.

Really enjoying being one of the presenters on FamilySearch's Research Classes Online.  I have said there that I need another category on my passport - that of Auskiwi - born in Australia, but living in NZ. With husband, in Auckland, but our three children live overseas - so we really appreciate Skype.        

 Also, starting in 1985, a local, national and international (land and waters) tutor, author and lecturer.

 I love looking for new ideas for lectures, especially for organising your research - both before you start and once you are underway. I am keen on using FamNet for working together with family members and collecting data and memories.

And now, the QSM. This is really special, but could not have happened without all the wonderful genealogists I have touched shoulders with over the years. And lots, up and down the country, I have never met, but they are there enthusing, educating, encouraging and enjoying themselves too.

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