Dean Osborne


A brief summary of my 30 plus years of Welding, Fabrication, Engineering and Sheet Metal working

It all started with a 4.5 year Panel beating Apprenticeship with intensive training in Gas, Arc, Mig welding & Gas Brazing.  I moved on from there to restoring vintage & classic cars for a couple of years and then into coachbuilding, building furniture removal trucks, courier trucks, horse floats (trucks & trailers), motorhomes, bus and coach fit outs etc.

It was about this time I started studying Tig by doing a 24 hour Tig welding course “that was just basic steel welding”. The art of Aluminum and Stainless steel welding came with practice. From there into building, modifying, repairing heavy transport trucks and earthmoving machinery. During this time I had 4711 certificates in Horizontal & Vertical UP HAND steel Mig welding.

There were a few years of building and installing automated gates and door systems for a lot of the high-rise towers in Auckland before I moved on to Fraser cars manufacturing tubular chassis, suspension & engine components and the aluminum bodies on their sports cars for 4 years 

I have also worked as a Prototype developer working with design teams in an engineering company refining, constructing and teaching employees the techniques to building their products.

More recently I have spent over the last 10 years in the marine industry building/ fabricating aluminum masts, booms, and Aluminum / Stainless Steel components for cruising and racing yachts in New Zealand and around the world. (Still currently working in this industry)

Just a note: These days I am becoming very interested in green energy generation and use. (Electric cars & bikes, Solar Power, Solar Heating, Hydro Power, Water Wheels, Windmills, Wind turbines etc) and I'm keen to connect with others thinking in the same field. I also think that some of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs of over 500 years ago still have merit and there is the possibility of developing them to generate free electricity.  Check out: Perpetual Motion Machines

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