Saeid Toufani


Saied has an extensive graphic and computer software educational background, with more than 10 years’ experience teaching at Universities and Colleges in different countries around the world. He is an experienced graphic designer who is fluent in most software applications for graphic arts and he has a background in many areas; printing, digital, website, video editing, motion graphics, UI and UX designing. He is also able to manage both digital and common marketing.

Over the years he has and still does, enjoy the rewards and challenges of combining different software applications for graphic arts to complete some very difficult projects.

His teaching method is to teach practical projects and provide video tutorials (recorded in the class) for his students to practice and repeat in their home or place of further study. When he identifies talent in a student, he is passionate about giving them guidance so that they can choose the best direction for their career prospects as the graphic design field has many different types of job opportunities.