Let's Celebrate!

Join our Special Occasion Workshops, which have various themes, from Valentines Day to Easter, Matariki, Father’s Day, Diwali and Christmas.

It’s a great gift for yourself, family members or friends!


Course Name Duration Price
Cupcake Creations - Easter Themed
1 night $50.00 incl.
Cupcake Creations - Valentine's Day Themed
1 night $50.00 incl.
Macramé - Christmas Tree
Learn the art of knotting and weaving to create a great Macramé gift - a Christmas Tree keychain.
1 evening, from 06:30pm to 08:30pm $35.00 incl.
Macramé - Matariki Star
In this session, you'll craft a celestial star, perfect for celebrating Matariki.
1 evening, 06:30pm to 09:00pm $35.00 incl.
Pottery - Easter Themed
3 weeks $120.00 incl.
Pottery Workshop - Christmas Themed
3 weeks $120.00 incl.