Business and Finance

Looking for a reasonably-priced business and finance course, we offer a range of evening and weekend courses.

Learn more about Accounting,Social Media for Marketing or how to  sort out your small business tax, maximise your property investment, increase sales and much more!

Course Name Duration Price
Accounting - The Basics
3 Weeks $79.00 incl.
Accounting for Residential Property Income
1 Day $89.00 incl.
Bookkeeping and Taxation for Small Business
2 weeks $119.00 incl.
Building Financial Security
3 weeks $49.00 incl.
Buying and Selling a Business - Clyth MacLeod
1 day $0.00 incl.
Database Developer (SQL) Developer)
2 Weeks $199.00 incl.
How to Buy and Budget for your first home
1 Night $15.00 incl.
Income Tax for Small Business
1 day $89.00 incl.
Introduction to Event Management and Tourism
4 weeks $79.00 incl.
KiwiSaver Workshop
1 Night Only $0.00 incl.
Residential Property Investment
1 night $29.00 incl.
Retirement Planning
3 weeks $49.00 incl.
SEO for Small Business (Search Engine Optimisation)
1 day $119.00 incl.
Social Media Marketing for Small Business
2 weeks $59.00 incl.
Starting an Online Business
1 day $119.00 incl.
Starting and Managing a Small Business
6 weeks $109.00 incl.
Xero Web Based Accounting - Intermediate
3 weeks $59.00 incl.
Xero Web Based Accounting : Getting Started
5 weeks $110.00 incl.