Family Friendly courses

Family friendly courses are designed to allow students 13yrs+ to participate when accompanied by an adult.  Full course fees apply.

Students 16yrs and older are welcome to participate in all courses. Full course fees apply


Course Name Duration Price
Acrylic and Water Based Oil Painting
5 weeks $100.00 incl.
5 weeks $100.00 incl.
Balms and Lip Balm Making
1 night $60.00 incl.
Basic Soap Making Workshop
1 day $60.00 incl.
Cake Decorating - Christmas Workshop
1 night $25.00 incl.
Cake Decorating with Buttercream
For Non- Resident students there will be a surcharge of NZD$20.
6 weeks $80.00 incl.
Candle Making - Christmas Themed
1 day $85.00 incl.
Candle Making with Soy Wax
1 day $35.00 incl.
Cloisonné Enamel
Embark on a journey into the artful world of Cloisonné Enamel with Michelle ZHAO
1 day $60.00 incl.
Cook Island Maori - Beginners
$99 For Non Residents
6 weeks $0.00 incl.
Cookie Creations: Explore, Bake, Delight!
Do you like chocolate chip cookies? Then you should join Hannah Swann in her baking workshop.
1 evening, 06:030pm to 08:30pm $45.00 incl.
Cooking with Confidence - No experience needed!
3 weeks $90.00 incl.
Cup Cake Creations - Halloween Cupcake Decorations
For all Halloween fans, a night not to be missed!
1 evening $50.00 incl.
Cupcake Creations - Easter Themed
1 night $50.00 incl.
Dot Art Workshop
Dive into a world of creative bliss in this unique dot art workshop!
$35.00 incl.
Dumpling Night
1 night $45.00 incl.
Floral Art - Christmas Celebrations
1 day $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Christmas Wreaths
1 day $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Dried Flower Wreaths
1 day $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Hair Crowns/Cirletts
1 day $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Halloween Arrangement
1 day $40.00 incl.
Henna Artistry
The course is perfect for anyone interested in learning the art of henna whether for personal development on hobby level or pursuing a career as a Henna Artist.
1 day $50.00 incl.
Italian Cooking
3 weeks $100.00 incl.
Keyboard / Touch Typing Skills - for Beginners
3 weeks $65.00 incl.
Leather Wallet Making
Unlock the art of leather crafting with Michelle ZHAO in this hands-on workshop.
2 weeks $60.00 incl.
Macramé - Christmas Tree
Learn the art of knotting and weaving to create a great Macramé gift - a Christmas Tree keychain.
1 evening, from 06:30pm to 08:30pm $35.00 incl.
Macramé - Heart Keychain
Learn the art of knotting and weaving to create a stylish Macramé a heart keychain..
1 evening, from 06:30pm to 08:30pm $35.00 incl.
Macramé - Matariki Star
In this session, you'll craft a celestial star, perfect for celebrating Matariki.
1 evening, 06:30pm to 09:00pm $35.00 incl.
Macramé - Plant Holder
Join in a magical Macramé Workshop where creativity meets tradition!
1 evening $35.00 incl.
Makeup Artistry for Personal Use and in the Workplace
1 day $50.00 incl.
Natural creams, lotions, and moisturisers workshop
1 day $60.00 incl.
Raranga - Flax Weaving (Beginners)
$69 For Non Residents
1 day $0.00 incl.
Sculpture Painting Workshop
1 day $90.00 incl.
Sewing - Beginners
For Non- Resident students there will be a surcharge of NZD$20.
7 weeks $140.00 incl.
Soap Making - Beginners (Christmas Themed)
1 day $99.00 incl.
Solid Shampoo Bars Workshop
1 day $60.00 incl.
Tai Chi Qigong - For Health & Well Being
6 weeks $50.00 incl.
Te Reo Maori - Beginners
$99 For Non Resident
6 weeks $0.00 incl.
Traditional Korean Cuisine
You will learn to cook some of the Korean food full of scent, flavour and nutrition, while you also have a chance to taste your dishes and bring the experience to your own table.
2 weeks $90.00 incl.
4 weeks $65.00 incl.
Water Colour Painting
5 weeks $100.00 incl.