Google Adwords Fundamentals

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This course is an entry level course in the basics of Google Ads. We cover overview material on the make-up of Pay-Per-Click advertising and the main components of the Ads system. We create a campaign and show you how to structure Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads.

On completion of this course, students should have an understanding of the following:

  • Have a basic understanding of what Adwords is and the terminology that comes with
  • Adwords such as CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Clickthrough Rate) etc
  • Learn a bit about the structure of Accounts, Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords
  • Be introduced to the new Adwords interface and how to navigate around to undertake the
  • basic tasks.
  • Understand basic settings at the Campaign level, Ad Group level and we discuss what
  • Quality Score is and the factors that affect it.
  • We cover the basics of the Search Ads format and how to set up a basic Campaign and Ad
  • Group. We go through what syntax is allowed and what is restricted.
  • Learn about keywords, negative keywords and ad extensions



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Course Prerequisites

A basic level of understanding of computers is required and in general how to navigate around a browser and general browser navigation is recommended.