Job Interview Skills for non-native English Speakers (Sat)

17th September 2022

1 day, Sat, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
$0.00 incl. gst

Free for NZ Residents / Citizens / Partnership Visa of NZ Residents or Citizens - An Administration Fee of $10 Applies

This course is designed to help non-native English speakers succeed in a job interview.

It will cover:

  • Do's and don'ts in NZ job interviews 
  • Basic grammar tenses in answering job interview questions 
  • Common vocabulary in job interviews 
  • Usual job interview questions and how to answer them smartly. Students will answer basic job interview questions and get feedback.
  • Answering behavioural questions using the SOAR/STAR method.

Students will engage in more than one round of mock job interviews with the tutor.  A self-critique and peer evaluation will be done. 

Prior to the course, students are required to submit a CV and bring a hard copy on the day of the workshop, which will help your tutor customise the questions for the mock interview. Please download Voice Spice or any other voice recording app on your phone to critique yourself and plan for improvement. 

$65 for Work Visa / $100 for Non-Residents

Please note: All courses need a minimum number to go ahead. If your course does not have enough enrolments, we regret that we will have to cancel and will let you know either by email or text. Courses are usually cancelled, when necessary, 2-3 working days prior to the scheduled start date.