Dog Obedience - Life Skills for Dogs

19th October 2019

5 Weeks, Tue, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
$89.00 incl. gst

An enjoyable and effective dog training course. Educate and socialise your pet, meet new friends. All dogs must be 6 months or older and fully vaccinated. Students to bring 2m lead, water bowl for dog, your dogs favourite tid-bits and plastic bag. Fee covers one dog.

If you have a reactive dog please contact the office before registering on the course.


Our Tuesday classes are run by Liz from K9 Services NZ Ltd.

In this 6 week class, you will learn all the basic dog training, good manners, and innovative fun ways to train your dog to be a well-mannered canine companion.

Module 1: Basic Commands:

Sit, Down, Stay, Look and Touch, Leave

Module 2: House & Car Manners:

Leave it, Place (go lay down), doors (waiting at door to prevent door dashing), Greetings either at the door or after company has come inside, mental enrichment.

Module 3: Impulse Control:

Wait, Stay, Leave, Give, take it, Get it game with commands.

Module 4: Loose Leash walking:

In this module you will learn how to walk your dog without him pulling you down the street, criss- crossing in front of you, getting over excited when he sees people, dogs, etc…

Module 5: Recalls

The recalls module is everything about the recall, we start simple and for the more advanced dogs we challenge while still maintaining the proper environment for learning. We build the distractions per the dog, If your dog has gotten so good at their recall we may squeak a toy as they are running, but this does not come if the dog is not ready, we MUST always build a positive recall not constantly test to see if it is strong.

Module 6: Public Manners

As the title suggests this module will address things that happen out and about, you could be out for a simple walk at the park and someone wants to say high to your dog. It also covers being handled by different people nose to tail, which your vet and groomer will appreciate! As well as learning floor targets to help with the scale at the vet. We will show you how to use your basics (sit, down, stay, look, leave-it and Touch)