Photography - Cyanotype

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This forgotten photographic printing process from the 19thC was invented by Sir John Herschel (1792–1871) in 1842. Also known as shadowgraphs or blue-prints, this fascinating photographic printing process can be used to create fine art prints, cards or bespoke books.

Without any photographic knowledge or specialist equipment, it is possible to create beautiful images with the cyanotype process. Images can be printed on a range of surfaces such as fine art papers, silk and cloth. Cyanotype prints are archival and will last for many decades. All material included and students will take away 2 cyanotype images each that they will create.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Learn about an analogue photographic method
  2. Learn about composition within photography
  3. Gain knowledge of the handling of photographic chemicals & archival paper
  4. Gain knowledge of ambient light exposure and organic toning methods
  5. Achieve 2 cyanotype images



  1. By attending this course students will learn about the basic fundamentals of photography: light (exposure). Using the ambient light (sunshine), students will realize that it is central to cyanotype photography. Students will experiment with 2 modes of creating cyanotypes – 1 will be with objects & another will be with a negative.
  2. Composition - within any form of art or photography - makes an image - become more engaging to the creator and the viewer. Students will learn about composition & layout.
  3. A few chemicals are used in the cyanotype process and the students will learn about these and what role they play in producing the cyanotype image. Also, alongside this they will learn about safety when handling photographic chemicals. The students will learn about archival paper for the cyanotype process.
  4. Students will gain knowledge of the various organic toning methods that can be used with the cyanotype.



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