How To Make More Money and Think Like An Entrepreneur

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How To Make More Money and Think Like An Entrepreneur

This course will cover many aspects of business including: how to choose a business; how to get started; how to build your business to profitability; how to market and promote your service or product; how to keep records, and work with your accountant. Learn the skills of becoming an entrepreneur, how to start a business or buy a business and make it make YOU lots of money!




"This course has been a FANTASTIC kick-start to become an entrepreneur and enjoy life in its FULL MAGNIFICENCE. Thanks Sam for sharing all your knowledge and point me the way to success!!! Thanks a lot!"  Fernando

"All the reading, research and study to make more money, is meaningless until you action against the norm. Sam will not only give you the TOOLS and TECHNIQUES to INCREASE YOUR WEALTH but will SUPPORT YOU to meet these goals. This program will not help you towards a good job. If you want that, follow the rest of the sheep and leave the wealthy lifestyle to us. Cheers!"   Rob

"A very energetic teacher, amazing entrepreneurial leader, and a remarkable man. At the age of 18 I was the youngest in my class but through Sam's unique way of teaching i became flooded with motivation. Along with a respectful, kind and genuine attitude towards the learning of entrepreneurship. It was an privilege to be taught and guided by Sam, A true inspirational and influential character."  Blair

"I attended a four week business course lead by Sam Airy. The course itself was excellent, and Sam presented the content richly and interestingly. His course was lead with passion, and the information was all very well received. His personality was exceptional, and the passion and warmth he showed even in the first week made coming back and exciting part of the week. Contact was kept and Sam is more than happy to help people with issues that they have. A highly recommended experience."  


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