Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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If 3.8 billion people in the world are using social media to engage with brands and businesses, what are you doing to ensure that your business has access to fast, inexpensive and effective ways to reach almost half the population of the world? In this course you will learn why social media is a  beneficial tool for your business, how social media can help grow your business brand and reach potential customers.

The course will cover

  • Why Social Media?
  • Creating social media goals
  • Analysing different social media platforms
  • The benefits of social media for small businesses
  • Social media tools for small businesses
  • What to avoid doing with social media
  • How to be safe using social media as a business and an individual


Expected learning outcomes:

  • Students will be able to evaluate and choose the best social media platform for their business
  • Student will gain and increase their confidence in learning about social media for businesses
  • Students will know how to promote a brand, product or service on social media
  • Students will understand how to communicate messages that create engagement
  • Students will learn how to monitor the performance of their page


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Course Prerequisites

Participants should have a basic understanding of social media and be using at least Facebook.