NZ Sign Language Level 1A

10th August 2022

7 weeks, Wed, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
$95.00 incl. gst

Learning some basic NZSL means you can communicate with NZ’s Deaf community more easily. NZSL knowledge is useful in all areas of life, but it is especially useful if you work in any kind of role that includes contact with the public, such as retail, health care and customer service, where you may come into contact with Deaf customers or consumers. Having some basic NZSL skills means you can comfortably communicate with Deaf people, and makes it much easier for them to access information in their everyday lives. Learning some basic conversational NZSL in our classes is interactive, easy and fun. Come and give it a try!



Level 1A covers:

Unit 1: Meeting and Greeting

  • exchange greetings and make introductions
  • understanding simple class instructions
  • learn about the role of facial expression in NZSL
  • learn to get and give eyegaze before signing
  • learn to numbers 1-10
  • learn the alphabet, spell own name, ask for repetition

Unit 2: Our Class

  • identify people in the class
  • name language(s) they are learning
  • give and follow simple instructions and action commands
  • ask for clarification, correction and confirmation
  • ask and tell where something is in the class
  • use appropriate phrases for arriving late to class
  • use numbers for counting (0-20) and simple time phrases


Unit 3: Needs and Wants

  • name common food and drink items
  • make and respond to requests and offers for basic wants and needs
  • ask and tell locations of familiar objects / locations
  • express likes and disliks
  • understand basic signs about emergency exit procedures


Please note: All courses need a minimum number to go ahead. If your course does not have enough enrolments, we regret that we will have to cancel and will let you know either by email or text. Courses are usually cancelled, when necessary, 2-3 working days prior to the scheduled start date.