Pasta Workshop

20th September 2020

1 day, Sun, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
$59.00 incl. gst

Our fresh pasta cooking class is not  just about making pasta; it is about making great pasta that can be replicated time and again at home. You will create your very own batch of pasta dough and learn to mix the ingredients and then knead, rest, roll and cut the dough to shape. You?ll discover the little secrets and explore the many different ways to use this product, from lasagne to the ravioli and even as a dessert ingredient.

 It is an intense hands on workshop and participants are encouraged to get their hands dirty. They can work alone, in couples or in teams as they prefer. You will be taught how to use the pasta machine and also a rolling pin to stretch the dough. We will be making spaghetti, tagliatelle and succulent ravioli.


Our tutor will also teach you how to cook a classic filling for the ravioli and an unique one which is to be served as a dessert and you should pick up the skills to make virtually any variety of pasta you like at home

We will sample the dishes throughout the day and there will be enough for each student to take home some of the dishes, so please bring a tupperware container. 

Ingredients are included in the fee







 Please note: All courses need a minimum number to go ahead. If your course does not have enough enrolments, we regret that we will have to cancel and will let you know either by email or text. Courses are usually cancelled, when necessary, 2-3 working days prior to the scheduled start date.