New Zealand Sign Language - Level 1 A & B

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The New Zealand Sign Language Act was passed in 2006, making it one of NZ’s official languages, and recognising the value of this beautiful language. Every week we celebrate our language in May, during NZSL Week – you may have seen ads on the TV, and even our Prime Minister getting involved with learning some basic NZSL!

Learning some basic NZSL means you can communicate with NZ’s Deaf community more easily. NZSL knowledge is useful in all areas of life, but it is especially useful if you work in any kind of role that includes contact with the public, such as retail, health care and customer service, where you may come into contact with Deaf customers or consumers. Having some basic NZSL skills means you can comfortably communicate with Deaf people, and makes it much easier for them to access information in their everyday lives.

Learning some basic conversational NZSL in our classes is interactive, easy and fun. Come and give it a try!

Level A & B covers: Units 1-5

Introducing oneself, exchanging personal information, talking about surrounding, telling where you live, talking about family and telling about activates

We also cover deaf history and cultures, finger spelling and spoken English changed into NZSL . Numbers 1 - 20, games and activity, pair and group practises, shopping, directions and face expression of how, what, who and where.

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