Kim Halliday


Multi-Instrumentalist /Composer/arranger.

(Rotuman,Tongan,Fijian Pasifika/Scottish/NZ)

Kim’s musical experiences have been strewn across the globe over the past 25 years. Kim starting learning Guitar from the age of 9 and has had a variety of different teaches and schools throughout her formative years. Kim has a diverse range of musical ability and skills. she is a musician, composer and arranger and teacher, who plays Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion, Kalimba [Thumb Piano] Pot Drum, Bass, Mandolin  and piano. Kim attended 8 courses covering Guitar Techique and ensemble work with Robert Fripp,[Voted best guitarist in the world 3 years running,] Guitar Player Mag] which is where she began to learn the value of her own compositional skills, particularly in relation to groups, but it wasn’t until 1987 when she  became part of Gitbox Rebellion a nine piece guitar group formed by Nigel Gavin that she began to really write and arrange. Having studied different styles of music in relation to the instruments she plays and using a varied and wide range of techniques has kept her in demand with different  music related projects. Kim has taught Guitar techique for 30 years and has been involved in over 15 different groups, 35 recorded works and composed for 3 documentary soundtracks. Kim was the princple writer for Pacific Curls Trio, for 10 years.


Kim has toured Europe, Australia, Aotearoa, New Caledonia, South Korea, Canada, America, The United Kingdom, Borneo and China, and has performed in Major festivals around the world, including Womad NZ, Womad London, London Festival, Chicago World Music Fest, California World Music Fest, National Folk Festival-Australia, Auckland Folk Festival, Wellington International Arts Festival, The Dreaming Festival [Brisbane], Winnipeg Folk Festival[ Canada] Vancouver Island Musicfest-Canada, Ulsan Jazz Festival [South Korea] Planet IndigenUS Festival-Toronto-Canada, Femme Funk Festival- New Caledonia, The Winter Games-Vancouver 2010 and many more … Kim has recently been employed as a workshop facilitor for New Zealand Music commssion to teach composition and ensemble work around high schools in NZ.

 In March 2015 Kim performed solo ukulele at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, and then returned to The Banff Centre in Alberta Canada  for compositon workshops with top Canadian singer songwriter Leela Gilday,  and World class Bassist MJ Dandeneau. In the same year Kim again travelled to The Banff Centre for the 1st Reclaim project where she was the Music Mentor for that project, the project featured Pura Fe and Renae Morriseau amongst other participants from Canada, New Zealand and the Philipines. In 2016 Kim performed solo Guitar pieces at The Lunenburg Folk festival and is currently writing a solo guitar album to be recorded in 2017, she is currently a music mentor for the New Zealand Music Commission.

Guitar - Acoustic