Courses by Day of the Week

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Currently, there are no course/class under this day of the week.
Barista Course with NZQA Credits $279.00 incl.
Basic Home Maintenance and DIY - workshop $50.00 incl.
Basic Soap Making Workshop $60.00 incl.
Beads, stitches, and texture - Embroidery workshop (all levels) $75.00 incl.
Capsule Wardrobe Creation for Everyday and Travel $29.00 incl.
Chinese Paper Cutting $27.00 incl.
Cloisonné Enamel $60.00 incl.
Contemporary Embroidery for Beginners $75.00 incl.
Engine Repairs $50.00 incl.
Floral Art - Christmas Wreaths $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Fresh Flower Arrangement $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Hair Crowns/Cirletts $40.00 incl.
Floral Art - Halloween Arrangement $40.00 incl.
Food Hygiene - NZQA Unit Standard 20666 $50.00 incl.
Glass Fusing $99.00 incl.
Job Interview Skills for English Second Language Speakers $0.00 incl.
Korean Kimchi $50.00 incl.
Leather Craft Workshop $100.00 incl.
Leather Wallet Making $100.00 incl.
Look Fabulous after 40 $29.00 incl.
Makeup Artistry for Personal Use and in the Workplace $50.00 incl.
Mobile Phone Photography and Editing $50.00 incl.
Natural creams, lotions, and moisturisers workshop $60.00 incl.
Pattern Making - Garment Cloning $95.00 incl.
Pattern Making Intermediate -Fitted Bodice Block $95.00 incl.
Pottery (Sat) $259.00 incl.
Raranga - Flax Weaving (Beginners) $0.00 incl.
Resin Art Workshop $155.00 incl.
Resin Jewellery Workshop $80.00 incl.
Sculpture Painting Workshop $90.00 incl.
Sewing - Alterations $69.00 incl.
Sewing - Beyond Beginners (Sat) $145.00 incl.
Sewing - Overlocking - how to master knit fabrics and not be afraid of your overlocker $115.00 incl.
Sewing Beginners - Saturday $129.00 incl.
Solid Shampoo Bars Workshop $60.00 incl.
Style on a Shoestring $29.00 incl.
Traditional Korean Cuisine $90.00 incl.
Video Editing for Social Media $50.00 incl.
Welding - Beginners (Sat) $389.00 incl.
Welding Intermediate (Sat) $389.00 incl.
Work Place First Aid Express & Refresher Course $75.00 incl.
Xero - An Introduction (ONLINE) $60.00 incl.
Xero - The Next Steps - ONLINE $60.00 incl.
Currently, there are no course/class under this day of the week.