Meditative Art

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Using drawing, painting and collage come and learn how to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative way. You don't need to have any artistic talent! Using a blend of mindfulness and therapeutic art techniques this course will help you reduce stress and anxiety and develop new habits to reduce negative patterns of thinking and behaviours.

You will finish this course with an improved self esteem, increased self-awareness and a reduction in negative thoughts and behaviours - your own self-care back pack! This course is an integration of Therapeutic Art techniques blended with principles of Mindfulness, combining the freedom of drawing, painting and making collage with different mediums and a meditation practice that connects body, mind, and soul in a creative way.

We provide a safe place for people to restore, align and empower themselves in order to become a strong individual with a life purpose. Each session provides an alternative perspective of how to express thoughts, feelings, and conflicts for those who find verbal expression difficult. This will improve both mental and physical health, reducing stress and anxiety and help to develop new habits that will weaken negative patterns of thinking and behaviours. 



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