Starting and Managing a Small Business

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Designed for new starters, business owners and managers wanting to manage and grow their own successful and innovative business. Covers: market analysis & risk assessment, writing a business plan, sales and business development, marketing, internal business processes, tendering and negotiations, Companies Office and the IRD.







Detailed Course outline


 1. How to find the business that's right for you and how to start it the right way 

  •             - Map your skills and expertise to a business opportunity
  •             - Research the targeted markets: economy, competitors and business opportunities
  •             - Decide which product/services to develop and how to market them, which
  •               customers to target
  •             - SWOT analysis


2. How to decide on business structure - make it legal 

  •             - Business Tax, expenses, GST
  •             - Business name
  •             - Business licence and permits
  •             - Regulations


3. How to compile a formal mission and vision statement and how to create a winning pitch 

  •             - Power of mind mapping
  •             - Prepare draft of your business plan - practical session


4. How to master sales and business development skills to give your potential client a reason to choose you over the competition

  •             - Create value, not just buzz, for your customers (Value proposition). 
  •             - Power of case studies and referrals
  •             - Prepare your Business Plan
  •             - Develop market strategies: find answers, discover solutions, and explore new ideas
  •               to keep pushing boundaries of your business    


5. The importance of marketing and social media 

  •             - Develop customer excellence program and focus on 5 Star reputation
  •             - Spotlight your Brand
  •             - Showcase your products and services and share useful and unique information
  •             - Social media: drive thousands of consumers to your business (There are
  •               1.28 billion potential customers on Facebook, another billion on You Tube)
  •             - Develop professional networks and partnerships.


6. How to lead your company to success and manage internal business processes to lower costs and to improve productivity 

  •             - Connect, Collaborate, Influence, 
  •             - Be More Efficient - More Systemised, More Disciplined,Create More Profit
  •             - Map all processes and provide clarity (responsibilities and deadlines)
  •             - Develop and manage quality and health & safety processes



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