Speaking With Confidence

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Does the mere thought of public speaking make you want to run a mile? Do you dread presentations? Public speaking is a learned skill. You will learn the techniques and have plenty of practice time. Become a confident speaker, and have fun getting there.

This course covers preparation, content and delivery of many types of speaking. There will be many opportunities to practice speaking in a supportive environment, and you will receive constructive feedback to improve your speaking step-by-step. The course will be tailored to the needs of the learners so you can practice with real material and real situations.

Expected learning outcomes

  • Learn to be relaxed and confident speaking in public
  • Learn how to structure a speech that has an opening, middle and conclusion that will keep the attention of your audience
  • Learn how to use vocal variety, hand gestures and eye contact when giving a speech
  • Learn to confidently give a short impromptu speech
  • Learn how to give an entertaining speech that keeps the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end.



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