Retirement Planning - Are you on Track?

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Have you delayed planning for your retirement or don't know where to start? Do you want some help or a second opinion? Or are you just feeling overwhelmed by the markets and where to invest? 

Or have you already retired and would like to explore investment options to generate additional income? 

Then this course is for you.

The course is for anyone who is thinking about retirement or has started investing for retirement and would like some help or guidance.  If you are willing to allocate some time to learn new financial skills, and potentially make adjustments to your planning and approach to investing, it could make a positive impact on your retirement outcome.

In plain language, we will talk through some money concepts and effective options to grow and retain wealth.  Our goal is to set up a framework for you to think about your own retirement planning including the most important things to consider and what to do if you are off track.

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